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One Body Medicine gives you premium access to the most advanced health optimization services, technologies and medical guidance.

Founding Membership $800/ year

One Ozone therapy treatment.

2 IV or Injection therapies of your choice. (NAD+Treatments Excluded)

15% off treatments for lifetime.

Monthly Subscription




$325 /Month

IV Hydration Package


Ozone Packages

10 Pass Ozone Therapies

$5,000 / 10 Sessions

Extracorporeal Blood Ozone and Oxygenation (EBOO)

$3,000 / 3 Sessions

High Dose 10 Pass Ozone Package

5 sessions of 10 pass ozone for $2700
*All Packages must be used within a 60 Day Period.

NAD+ Packages

NAD+ 250mg

$1,375 / 5 Sessions

NAD+ 500mg

$2,875 / 5 Sessions

NAD+ 750mg

$3,625 / 5 Sessions

IV Therapy Packages

High Dose Vit C 50mg

$825 / 3 Sessions
*All Packages must be used within a 60 Day Period.

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